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rsync-bc (rsync backup client) is a stripped down version of rsync. rsync-bc exists because I was afraid of putting the normal rsync binary in the hands of ordinary users. I did not want to be liable when they wiped all their disks by passing wrong options to rsync. rsync-bc solves this by only allowing the user to push data to a server. Receiving, local transfers, the daemon and server mode are disabled. All destructive file operations have been removed from the binary.

rsync-bc will compile/run on the same platforms as the ordinary rsync, however it is also possible to compile rsync-bc for Windows using the mingw/msys toolkit. The mingw-patch below contains the changes required that are mingw-specific. The zip file contains a binary that runs under Windows 9x and above. No special dll:s are required.

The code is released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

Version 2.5.6-20031113/20031114 is the first release of rsync-bc.

rsync-2.5.6-bc_20031113.patch.gz [12.6 KB]
rsync-2.5.6-bc_20031113_mingw_20031114.patch.gz [20.0 KB] [85.2 KB]

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