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Miniboot is a minimalistic bootloader for embedded systems. It scans the flash for an image to start if the checksum is correct. Miniboot also provides a way to update the image; S-Records are interpreted via the serial-line and programmed into the flash on-the-fly. The image could be any application; a more advanced bootloader, a RTOS, or an embedded Linux system.

Miniboot is written in C and assembly and is released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

Version 0.03 speeds up the flash erasing code. With this release comes support for mpc8xx-based hardware from Motorola, SwitchCore and Corelatus.

miniboot-0.03.tar.gz [52.8 KB]
miniboot-0.02.tar.gz [51.7 KB]
miniboot-0.01.tar.gz [42.6 KB]

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