- a free RTOS-subset
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colibri is a free RTOS-subset released under a BSD-style license. The goal is to create a useful RTOS with support for a wide range of hardware platforms, from low-end microcontrollers to more advanced 32-bit processors. colibri is written in C and assembly.

System designers using colibri will get access to an API with several RTOS components such as a scheduler, semaphores and different libraries. Use of these components leads to shortened development time and less bugs. Focus could be put on the real application instead of reinventing the wheel.

colibri is not a Linux-killer. Put Linux or BSD in advanced embedded systems using 32-bit processors with MMU. Use uClinux on your 32-bit processor without MMU. Use eCos or RTEMS if you need a 32-bit RTOS. But if you have a cost-effective hardware platform with limited resources - use colibri!

Keep it simple - Simple code means less bugs.
Keep it portable - At least 90% of the code is written in C.
Keep it compact - Code redundancy is kept as low as possible.
Keep it standard - If possible, we use simple standard API:s.
Keep it maintainable - All official ports are in one code tree.
colibri is Open Source software, and is released under a non-restrictive BSD-style license. This basically means that you are free to do what ever you want with the code as long as you keep the copyright intact. See the source code for the full license. Our goal is that it should be legally easy to use colibri. No hassle.

We encourage our users to give feedback and report bugs to help us improve the code. Only this will lead to stable code, so help us out!

Version 0.1.1 has a reentrant scheduler, timer functions, advanced semaphores (enhanced POSIX style), interrupt handling code, some h8 uart code and a small collection of generic data types.

Future work will be focused on a compact driver model based on generic FIFO:s. Then documentation, CompactFlash, DOS-fs, uIP/lwIP, TFTP, DHCP...

colibri currently runs on two hardware platforms; the Lego RCX brick (16-bit h8/3297), and a hms evb h8s/2633f (32-bit h8s/2633f).
Makefiles are currently limited to a *nix based Cross-GCC toolchain. Future improvements could include support for commercial compilers or other free compilers for small devices, such as SDCC and cc65. Instructions how to setup a h8-compiler could be found at here.

No external c-library should be required to compile colibri.

10-June-2002 colibri-0.1.1.tar.gz [38.4 KBytes]
20-May-2002 colibri-0.1.0.tar.gz [26.1 KBytes]
colibri is written by Magnus Damm,
All trademarks used are properties of the respective owners.